Saskatchewan Volunteers Are Honored During National Volunteer Week

Abdur Rahman Khan

The Public authority of Saskatchewan is joining Sask Game, SaskCulture and the Saskatchewan Parks and Diversion Relationship in saying thanks to volunteers and denoting their achievements.

According to Parks, Culture, and Sport Minister Laura Ross, “National Volunteer Week is a time to recognize and celebrate the more than 330,000 volunteers across Saskatchewan and the valuable work they do for our province.” Volunteers are selfless, dedicated, and humble people. They come from a variety of backgrounds and are driven solely by the desire to improve our communities.

The current year’s Public Worker Week topic is Chipping in Weaves Us Together.

Ross stated, “Almost one out of every three residents of Saskatchewan are volunteers of some kind.” Because of this, our province is well-known throughout Canada for its volunteer culture. Let’s commemorate National Volunteer Week by making it a point to pause and express gratitude to those who put in the time to improve our lives.

One significant hotspot for volunteer open doors In Saskatchewan is through the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Asset, which gives in excess of 1,200 associations and networks direct financing. This award program arrives at roughly 12,000 recipient gatherings and an exceptional 600,000 members across the territory every year. Each year, these organizations host thousands of community events and activities, all of which are made possible by volunteers.

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