Red River North RCMP accuse a mother of driving while intoxicated with her children in the car

Arafat Rahman

Red River North RCMP received two 911 calls on April 16, 2023, about a vehicle driving erratically on Highway 8, near Highway 27, in the RM of West St. Paul, around 10:15 p.m. It was accounted for that the vehicle practically side-swiped different vehicles. The vehicle was located after police patrolled the area. On Old McPhillips Road, a police officer observed the vehicle driving erratically and initiated a traffic stop.

Both the female front-seat passenger and the female driver, both 21 years old and from Winnipeg, had been drinking heavily. The vehicle contained open liquor.

In the backseat, three children were passengers: a male six-month-old, a male two-year-old, and a female three-year-old. The half year old was appropriately controlled, the two-year-old was in a dangerous promoter seat, and the three-year-old was not belted in by any means. Representatives were contacted by officers to come and collect the children and transport them to a secure location.

The driver’s blood alcohol concentration was found to be nearly twice the legal limit after an investigation. She was captured for the Lawbreaker Code offense of Impeded Activity of an Engine Vehicle. She is likewise charged under the Thruway Traffic Represent not utilizing a legitimate youngster limiting gadget x2, for driving without a capable directing driver while holding a class 1A to 5A permit, and unlawfully moving alcohol in an engine vehicle. She has been delivered with a trial and won’t be recognized to safeguard the character of the kids in question.

Sgt. said, “This could have had a terrible outcome.” Chris Lambert of the RCMP in Red River North. Three young children’s lives were in jeopardy, as were the lives of other innocent road users. We commend the two people who called police when they observed a erratic driver and encourage anyone who observes dangerous driving to do so so that we can respond and remove the dangerous driver from the road.

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