Controversy over changing the color of Doordarshan’s logo to ‘Saffron’

Logan D Suza

Doordarshan, India’s state media, has changed its logo.

Doordarshan, India’s state media, has changed its logo. Doordarshan’s logo is now Saffron instead of red. During the Lok Sabha polls, the opposition political parties came under severe criticism regarding the change in the color of Doordarshan’s logo.

Opponents say there are political reasons behind the Saffronization. Gaurav Dwivedi, CEO of Prasar Bharti denied the allegations, saying that the bright colors in the logo were only used as a commercial strategy and had nothing to do with politics.

In January last year, the name of ‘Doordarshan Pothigai’ television channel was changed to ‘DD Tamil’. At that time there was a great debate about this issue. The DD Tamil logo has also been changed to ‘Saffron’ colour.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee condemned the logo change on social media.

He writes, I am surprised to see that when the general elections are going on across the country, suddenly the color of Doordarshan’s logo has been changed to Saffron. It is completely unethical and illegal.

He also questioned the Election Commission about the BJP’s connection with this incident.

He said the move speaks volumes about the state broadcaster’s bias towards the BJP. How did the Election Commission allow such campaigns in support of Gerua during the polls? The Election Commission should stop it immediately and bring back the old color of Doordarshan’s logo.

Jawahar Sarkar, who served as CEO of Prasar Bharti from 2012 to 2014, says the new logo looks like it is promoting a particular party.

Regarding changing the color of the DD News logo to Saffron, he said, the historical logo of India’s public broadcaster Doordarshan has been colored Saffron. As a former CEO I am watching Doordarshan’s Saffronization with concern. It is no longer Prasar Bharati, it is a special party’s Prachar Bharati.

He also said that millions of people watch it. It is not okay to use this platform to spread colors of any particular religion. Now you may say that the national flag also has this color, but it is there with other colors.

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