Saskatchewan Proceeds Areas of strength for with Exchange Development

Taslima Jamal

According to Statistics Canada, the value of Saskatchewan’s wholesale trade increased by 30.3% in February 2023 compared to February 2022. Among the provinces, this was the second-highest percentage change.

Trade and Export Development Minister Jeremy Harrison stated, “These numbers are further proof the hard work of our province’s producers and manufacturers is paying off and Saskatchewan’s economy is strong.” Although this growth is measured in dollars, it actually equates to more employment opportunities and job opportunities for this province’s residents.”

In February 2023, the total value of wholesale trade was $4.7 billion.

Saskatchewan’s wholesale trade figures for February 2023 were influenced by a number of industries. The top donors include:

  1. Miscellaneous merchant wholesalers (includes things such as recyclable material, wood products, minerals, and other merchant wholesalers) ($2.2 billion)
  2. Machinery, equipment and supplies merchant wholesalers ($1.1 billion)
  3. Farm product merchant wholesalers ($917 million)
  4. Building material and supplies merchant wholesalers ($241 million)
  5. Food, beverage and tobacco merchant wholesalers ($147 million)

Saskatchewan has demonstrated steady economic expansion since the beginning of the year. Stock commodities expanded by 43.7 percent for January and February 2023, contrasted with a similar time last year – positioning first among the territories. With a 2.7% increase over February 2022, investment in building construction was also healthy in 2023. There were additionally 9,500 new positions in Walk 2023, contrasted with Walk 2022, an increment of 1.7 percent.

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