Canada and India are working constructively together

Logan D Suza

The assassination of pro-Khalistan leader Hardeep Singh Neeja led to diplomatic tensions between India and Canada.

The assassination of pro-Khalistan leader Hardeep Singh Neeja led to diplomatic tensions between India and Canada. The tension escalated after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his foreign minister Melonie Jolie claimed that the Indian government was directly involved in the killing. Diplomats were expelled in this incident. Visa restrictions are imposed. Then slowly the situation becomes somewhat relaxed.

After that, what is going on at the government level did not come to the media. But according to Canada-based cable public affairs channel, Justin Trudeau was asked about it. He had a question – Canada claims to have credible evidence of this killing against India.

Indian experts want Canada to complete its investigation first. But how is India cooperating in the investigation of the murder of Canadian citizen Hardeep Singh Nija? In response to this question, the Prime Minister of Canada said that the killing of a Canadian citizen on Canadian soil is an issue that must be taken seriously by all.

There are credible reports that Indian government agents were involved in the murder. So we cannot take the matter lightly. It is our responsibility to protect Canadian citizens from such illegal actions by foreign governments. Because Canada is a country full of diversity. We have to take this issue very seriously.

India initially dismissed Canada’s allegations as baseless. Trudeau said the Canadian government wants to ensure a proper investigation into the murder. This is why we are unequivocally in favor of the rule of law. Ensuring that this investigation is properly completed in full compliance with our judiciary.

Let our police be impartial. He also said that they are working constructively with the Indian government to uncover the root of this incident. Trudeau said, at the same time we are working. Trying to find out what happened. Seeking to ensure that no Canadian is at risk of foreign interference by an international power.

It should be noted that Hardeep Singh Nijar is a pro-Khalistan leader in Punjab, India. He is a citizen of Canada. He was designated as a terrorist by the National Investigation Agency of India in 2020. But on the evening of June 18, 2023, he was shot dead outside a Gurudwara in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. Trudeau accused the Indian government of involvement in the murder. But India rejected it. Diplomatic tension between the two countries continues over this.

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