Canadian Prime Minister’s plane suffers mechanical failure again

Abdur Rahman Khan

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited Jamaica with his estranged wife Sophie Gregory this week.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s plane again has mechanical problems. This time his plane broke down on a trip to the Caribbean. However, like last time, another plane was sent to bring him to the country. BBC news.

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau visited India for the G-20 Summit held in New Delhi in September this year. When he returned home after the trip, it was found that the plane carrying him broke down. A mechanical fault was detected in it.

As a result, he was stuck in India as the Prime Minister of Canada. He had to stay a day longer without finding a way. Finally another plane was sent from Canada to bring him home. Trudeau returned to the country by that plane.

Four months later, this young Canadian politician faced the same incident again. This time he went to Jamaica to spend a vacation with his family.

Local media CBC reports that he went to Jamaica with his estranged wife Sophie Gregory this week. But there was a problem with his plane. Then a second plane was sent.

Both aircraft belong to the Royal Canadian Air Force. On the second plane, a team of technicians went to repair the first plane. After the plane was repaired, the Trudeau family returned home on that plane.

Meanwhile, according to a report by the National Post, Justin Trudeau previously said that he is personally paying for the entire trip. But later said, it was being done as a courtesy to family friends.

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