Canada advises high caution when traveling to Bangladesh

Arafat Rahman

The advice was given on the country’s official website on Thursday (January 4).

Canada has advised its citizens to exercise extreme caution when traveling to Bangladesh.

The advice was given on the country’s official website on Thursday (January 4).

It said to be on high alert due to threats of militancy, political agendas, nationwide strikes and violent clashes.

Besides, the country has advised against any kind of travel to the hilly areas of Chittagong. The Canadian government has suggested this mainly due to political violence, kidnappings and sporadic ethnic clashes in Chittagong.

The website specifically mentions the twelfth parliamentary elections of Bangladesh. It is said that national elections will be held in the country on January 7, 2024. Huge political rallies and protests are taking place ahead of the elections. Which is expected to continue until after the election. Heavy presence of military and police personnel will be observed at the polling stations.

It also said that the law and order forces have taken measures to control the situation. This includes tear gas and rubber bullets. Even peaceful protests can turn violent at any moment. Due to these reasons, traffic and public transport may be disrupted.

Besides, the fact that there will be traffic restrictions due to the election is also mentioned on the website of the Canadian government.

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