Canada wants to sell more planes to Biman Bangladesh

Logan D Suza

Canadian Ambassador to Bangladesh Lily Nicholas meets with Minister of Civil Aviation and Tourism Muhammad Farooq Khan

Canada wants to sell more aircraft to Biman Bangladesh Airlines. Besides, the country has also expressed interest in doing engine repair, overwheeling and maintenance work of various aircrafts. Canada’s Ambassador to Bangladesh Lily Nicholas expressed this interest during a meeting with Minister Muhammad Farooq Khan in the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism at the Secretariat on Thursday (March 21).

The ambassador said, we want to work more closely with Bangladesh’s aviation industry, especially Biman Bangladesh Airlines. Canada is interested in doing engine repair, overhauling and maintenance of various aircraft engines through Canadian Commercial Corporation, a government organization on a G2G basis.

At the time, the ambassador also expressed Canada’s interest in selling more Dash-8 aircraft to Biman Bangladesh Airlines for use on domestic and regional routes.

In reply, the minister said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is rebuilding the fleet of Bangladesh Airlines built by Bangabandhu. His interest has already added 15 new and state-of-the-art aircraft to the fleet. We are working on expanding our fleet as well as launching new international and regional routes. Three new Dash-8 aircraft made by Canadian company de Havilland have already been added to the aircraft fleet. Once Canada formally offers to sell the aircraft to Biman, the decision will be made based on the needs of the aircraft and the well-being of the country’s people.

Farooq Khan said that the technical capacity of Biman Bangladesh Airlines has increased during the tenure of the current government. At present, all the technical work up to the C-check of the aircraft is being completed in the country through Biman’s own engineers and technicians. Regarding Canada’s proposal regarding engine repair and overwheeling of various aircraft, action will be taken subject to discussion between the relevant authorities as per the law.

Meanwhile, the Minister urged the Ambassador to take initiatives to make the visa process easier for Bangladeshi students going to study in various universities in Canada.

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