Life is like a python

Syed Azam

Life is like a python- crawling slowly with time.

Life is like a python- crawling slowly with time. It is not clear in advance how it will turn in any direction. I want to go east, but life takes me to the west end. Some people easily accept this pace of life, while others never accept it easily.

He who accepts wins in life because life leads everyone on the right path – even if we make a mistake in recognizing the path, life never mistakes in recognizing the right path. We ask for many things without understanding the merits. Life teaches us to judge merit. He who cannot accept this pace of life must be lost in the abyss. Life and time never accept him who dreams of Akashkusum without understanding his own merits. Let us say here that life is the replica of time.

I saw it with my own life. I can’t really do what he can do. But there are so many things that I can do but he can’t. Instead of imitating him, I began to hone my skills. Compete only with yourself, never with anyone else. He is good in Mathematics, I am in Biology. It’s no use getting my grades better than his, it’s better to keep the lamp of biology burning than him. And raw in biology. He can draw good pictures, my singing voice is good. If I don’t draw pictures every day, I can go far. Remember, no one is the same. Each is bigger in its own place.

Life will show me which way to turn. So it won’t happen if you sit tight. You have to bow down to life and learn from life and move forward following the path shown by life. Remember, your worth should be realized not by judgment, but by life, because even if you don’t know the time right, life knows the time right. Untimeliness comes because we confuse time, and life shows us the way out of timelessness. So enjoy the ride. In the direction that life wants to take you, step in that direction with your eyes closed. Just enjoy the ride.

Remember, even if all expectations in life are not fulfilled, life gives us a lot without asking for it. So instead of calculating profit and loss, just hold on to those gains. Be great to yourself, what’s the use of showing off to others.

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