Shakib Khan will mesmerize Canada, America and Middle Eastern countries

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Shakib Khan will mesmerize Canada, America and Middle Eastern countries

In addition to the highest theaters of the country, “Rajkumar” is going to be released in America, Canada, and the Middle East during this Eid festival. Then it is understood that on Eid, Shakib Khan will be celebrated in the country and abroad.

Shakib Khan repeatedly insists on the worldwide release of his movies. This superstar’s film ‘Priyatma’ became a success after showing in different countries of the world. Shakib’s Eid film ‘Rajkumar’ is going to be released worldwide with the aim of greater success.

After ‘Priyatma’, ‘Rajkumar’ produced by the same team, Sapna Scarecrow is going to release in America, Canada and Middle East. Through a post from the organization’s Facebook page on Monday, it was informed that on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, ‘Rajkumar’ is coming to Canada, America and the Middle East simultaneously from April 19. Will this tour end by winning the throne of the highest-grossing Bangladeshi movie in the international market?

Before this, Sapna Scarecrow released two consecutive films ‘Antarjaal’ and ‘MR Nine’ in maximum 150 theaters in USA and Canada. Besides, Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar also released several Bengali films including ‘Nawab’ in 2017. This time there too, this time ‘Rajkumar’ is going on a big scale.

Sapna Scarecrow Chairman Mohammad Aliullah Sajib said that since Prietama did business as expected, the same team’s ‘Rajkumar’ is very positive for the expatriate audience. We have maximum theatrical release capacity. The rest depends on the promotion of the ‘Rajkumar’ team.

Himel Ashraf, the director of ‘Rajkumar’ along with Shakib Khan wants to run ‘Rajkumar’ worldwide as soon as it is released in the country. The director said, the countries where the beloved is going will remain, this time we are also giving importance to the Middle East countries.

Himel Ashraf said Bangladeshis live in large parts of the Middle East. Almost everyone loves Bangladeshi movies and Shakib Khan. This is why our target is big. There is a desire to give pictures in the Middle East countries at the highest level.

According to Himel, not only Dubai, but also Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and other countries are trying hard to release the prince.

Himel Ashraf said, the release of this film on a larger scale than before is as much an honor as it is a challenge for us.

‘Rajkumar’ is based on the story of love, family relationships and a dreamy young man’s move from Bangladesh to America. Versatile Media leader Arshad Adnan is producing this big budget film.

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