Saskatchewan’s Farm Exports to India Boom Despite Political Tension

Logan D Suza

Saskatchewan’s agricultural exports to India surged over 70% in 2023

Saskatchewan’s agricultural exports to India surged over 70% in 2023, even with strained diplomatic ties between Canada and India. The province’s lentil and pea producers, particularly important to the Indian market, saw “significant growth” last year.

“Our farmers are world leaders in providing safe, nutritious, and sustainable food,” said Agriculture Minister David Marit. “We’re committed to helping them stay profitable by strengthening global connections with key partners like India, which benefits Saskatchewan’s long-term economy.”

Saskatchewan’s total agricultural exports to India ranked second in annual growth (behind Nigeria) and sixth overall in value ($712 million) in 2023. The province’s farm exports to India have grown over 50% in the past decade and made up a quarter of Canada’s total exports to India in 2023 ($5.1 billion).

To further strengthen trade ties, Premier Scott Moe led a delegation to India last month. “This trip is crucial for building relationships with India,” said Mr. Moe. “Our decades-long connections have been essential for creating opportunities and protecting jobs back home.”

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