Good News for Drinkers and Brewers: Canada Caps Alcohol Tax Increase

Syed Azam

Good news for beer drinkers and brewers

Good news for beer drinkers and brewers! The federal government is capping the annual increase in alcohol taxes on beer, wine, and spirits at 2% for the next two years. This is lower than the originally planned increase of 4.7%, which was tied to inflation.

Local brewers get a special boost: The tax on the first 15,000 hectoliters of beer produced by small craft breweries will be cut in half for two years. This is meant to support Canada’s craft brewing industry.

Restaurants welcome the break: Restaurants Canada is happy about the tax cap, saying it will help them deal with inflation and recover from the pandemic.

Taxpayer group wants more: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation would prefer the government not raise alcohol taxes at all.

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