Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with Nunavut Premier P.J. Akeeagok

Taslima Jamal

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Premier of Nunavut, P.J. Akeeagok, met on May 2 to discuss common goals.

The Premier and Prime Minister discussed the progress made in meeting Nunavut’s housing needs and the territory’s plan to construct 3,000 homes by 2030. In order to close the housing gap, they agreed that orders of governments, Inuit, and other important partners needed to work closely together.

The two leaders agreed to continue working toward a bilateral health agreement that takes into account the North’s particular circumstances. They examined foundation needs in the North, especially as it connects with Cold security and power, and the significance of teaming up to address nearby issues and supporting financial compromise with Inuit.

Prime Minister Trudeau and Premier Akeeagok also talked about how the governments of Canada and Nunavut, as well as Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated (NTI), the legal organization that represents Inuit and their treaty rights in the territory, worked together to come to a Nunavut Devolution Final Agreement. The leaders agreed that everyone involved must continue to work together to reach a final agreement so that Nunavummiut, the people who live in Nunavut, can finally control all of their lands and resources.

The State head and Chief thought about areas of strength for the between the two sets of government and anticipated proceeded with coordinated effort on the side of these and other key needs for Nunavummiut.

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