Saskatchewan Proclaims May as Jewish Heritage Month

Arshad Khan

In recognition of the history and legacy of Jewish Canadians nationwide, Saskatchewan has designated May as Jewish Heritage Month.

According to Parks, Culture, and Sport Minister Laura Ross, “Our government is proud to proclaim May as Jewish Heritage Month in Saskatchewan and recognize the contributions Jewish communities have made to our province.” Before Saskatchewan joined the Union in 1905, Jewish people have lived there for more than a century. Early Jewish immigrants contributed to the development of our province by establishing farming communities and assisting in the creation of a life for the present-day residents.”

Remembering is also a focus of Jewish Heritage Month.

Ross stated, “We must be vigilant because hate and intolerance have no place in Saskatchewan.” Our province’s strength, growth, and the Saskatchewan we want to leave to our children and future generations are all made possible by working together.

In December 2022, the Public authority of Saskatchewan embraced the Global Holocaust Recognition Collusion’s meaning of discrimination against Jews and keeps on attempting to guarantee Saskatchewan is a protected spot for all.

Marvin Rotrand, the National Director of the B’nai Brith League for Human Rights, stated, “We laud Saskatchewan’s leadership in combating antisemitism and have appreciated the province’s working closely with us.” In his message announcing May as Jewish Heritage Month, Premier Moe thanks the Jewish community for its contributions to Saskatchewan’s well-being and success since the province’s founding and encourages all residents to reject hate speech against Jews. We value his comments.”

Jewish Legacy Month is a chance for all to advance additional about the numerous achievements and commitments from people of Jewish legacy to Saskatchewan and the remainder of Canada.

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