India criticizes Canada at the United Nations

Taslima Jamal

India’s diplomatic heat with Canada is not decreasing.

India’s diplomatic heat with Canada is not decreasing. Recently, in the meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Commission in New York, India became aggressive against that country. It has been made clear on the international stage that Justin Trudeau’s government does not care about freedom of speech. The news regarding this has come to light today.

The 44th meeting of the Human Rights Commission was held last week. Representatives of 14 countries including India and Canada were present in the meeting. According to sources, while speaking there, Indian representative KS Mohammad Hussain said that the manner in which freedom of expression is being misused in Canada is very worrying.

It is inciting violence and terrorism. He requested Canada to carry out necessary surveillance to prevent such incidents. The Indian diplomat said that all organizations in Canada that are resorting to violence in the name of freedom of speech should be banned.

According to the diplomatic camp, Indian envoy KS Mohammad Hussain criticized Khalistani organizations linked to Canada’s anti-India activities without naming them. Apart from condemning the attacks on minority places of worship in Canada, he termed such attacks as hate crimes.

Delhi-Ottawa relations have been heated for the past two and a half months over Canadian-based Khalistani militants. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claimed that Indian spies were involved in the killing of Khalistani militant leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Canada. India has strongly protested the allegations.

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