CBC has no plans to return on Twitter

Abdur Rahman Khan

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation CBC and Radio Canada stopped using Twitter or X six months ago

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and Radio Canada stopped using Twitter or X six months ago. They said they are staying away from using this platform as it is not able to attract enough traffic.

CBC spokesperson Leon Marr said CBC aims to reach young Canadians through other platforms. And they continue to try to drive traffic to their websites and streaming services.

Why aren’t they fully returning to X? In response to this question, he told the Canadian Press, the audience and engagement we get on X is small. X is the smallest source of traffic among our social media platforms.

Marr cited a 2022 Reuters Institute report, though CBC declined to provide data on the matter. The report found that only 11 percent of Canadians use X for news.

They drastically reduced their presence on social media last April after X named the CBC a government-funded media outlet. International media such as the UK’s BBC and the American network National Public Radio (NPR) have also been given the same title by X. NPR reported a slight drop in audience following X’s departure.

CBC wrote an April 17 letter to X’s head of global government affairs, Nick Pickles. That being said, their title is factually incorrect. Because the government has no involvement in the editorial decisions of CBC.

CBC spokesman Leon Marr said calls for X to review his decision have not yet been received.

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