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Canada will receive 1.5 million immigrants in the next three years

Taslima Jamal

In the next three years, that is, between 2024 and 2026, the North American country of Canada will receive 1.5 million immigrants.

In the next three years, that is, between 2024 and 2026, the North American country of Canada will receive 1.5 million immigrants. In the meantime, the country’s government has announced a new plan in this regard. This decision has been taken to deal with the acute labor crisis, Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser said.

It is reported that Canada will keep its current immigration policy unchanged to meet this year’s targets. However, the policy will be changed in 2024 and will remain in force until 2026.

According to the current immigration plan, Canada has a target of 465,000 immigrants this year. However, next year they will take 4 lakh 85 thousand new immigrants. And in the next two years, Canada will take 500,000 to a total of 100,000 immigrants.

According to the information of Canada’s official immigration website ‘’, the country will take about 281 thousand 135 immigrants under the economic category in 2024. And the number of immigrants taken in this category will increase to 3 lakh 1 thousand 250 in the next two years.

Canada has set a target of 114,000 immigrants in the family category by 2024, which is 24 percent of the annual target. In 2025 and 2026 this number will reach 2 lakh 36 thousand (1 lakh 18 thousand per year).

On the other hand, Canada is accepting 76 thousand 305 refugees in the category of refugees and protected persons this year. 76 thousand 115 refugees will be taken in this category in 2024. And in the next two years, 145 thousand 500 refugees will be taken by Ottawa (72 thousand 750 people per year).

Again, in 2024 Canada will take 13 thousand 750 immigrants in the humanitarian category. And in 2025 and 2026, the number of immigration approvals in this category will be 16 (8 thousand per year).

The Government of Canada will also increase Express Entry and PNP targets in the new level plan. In 2024, the federal government of the country will allow 1 lakh 10 thousand 770 people to live permanently through express entry. In 2025-2026 this number will be increased to 1 lakh 17 thousand 500 people per year.

Meanwhile, Canada’s provincially (PNP) target for 2024 is 110,000. However, in 2025-2026, 120,000 immigrants per year in this category will have the opportunity to settle in Canada.

On the other hand, Canada has set a target of 82,000 immigrants in the sponsorship program for spouses, partners and children in 2024. And in 2025-2026, this North American country will take immigration for 84 thousand per year in this category.

Canada will take in 32,000 immigrants by 2024 under the PGP program for parents and grandparents. This number will remain unchanged for the next two years as well.

The province of Quebec, outside Canada’s federal system, also announced immigration plans on Saturday (October 4). The French-speaking province will receive 1 lakh immigrants by 2024-25. Quebec is the only province in Canada that has the power to take in permanent immigrants on its own.

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