Thousands of new jobs will be created by Volkswagen’s new battery plant for electric vehicles

Patrick D Costa

Last month, Canada and Ontario secured a historic investment from Volkswagen, Europe’s largest automaker. Volkswagen is investing $7 billion to establish its first overseas electric vehicle battery manufacturing plant in St. Thomas, Ontario.

Canada and Ontario continue to attract historic, transformational investments across the electric vehicle supply chain, from mining vital minerals to manufacturing automobile batteries, in order to secure additional well-paying employment opportunities for workers now and in the future.

The largest automaker in Europe, Volkswagen, made an historic investment in Canada and Ontario last month. Volkswagen is financial planning $7 billion to lay out its most memorable abroad electric vehicle battery fabricating plant in St. Thomas, Ontario. This is the largest investment in the history of Canada related to electric vehicles, indicating a strong vote of confidence in Ontario and Canada’s highly skilled workforce, robust economies, and fiercely competitive business environments.

The State leader, Justin Trudeau, and the Head of Ontario, Doug Portage, were joined today by the Pastor of Advancement, Science and Industry, François-Philippe Champagne, and Ontario’s Priest of Financial Turn of events, Occupation Creation and Exchange, Vic Fedeli, to feature this generational arrangement for St. Thomas, Ontario, and Canada’s whole electric vehicle store network.

Up to 3,000 direct jobs and up to 30,000 indirect jobs will be created by the plant, the largest Volkswagen has ever constructed. The plant will produce batteries for up to one million electric vehicles annually when it is finished in 2027. This will increase Canada’s domestic battery manufacturing capacity to meet the current and future demand for electric vehicles. The plant will be Canada’s largest manufacturing facility and will have a value of approximately $200 billion. The construction is anticipated to begin in 2019.

Ontario will make investments in other significant regional infrastructure projects to strengthen and expand St. Thomas and the communities that surround it. These projects include enhancements to utility services, roads, highways, and police and fire services.

Global automakers, suppliers of battery materials for electric vehicles, and electric vehicle batteries have all made historic new investments in Ontario since 2020. Canada and Ontario have the expertise and resources necessary to maintain their position as global leaders in a variety of fields, including the mining of vital minerals and the production of batteries and electric vehicles. A healthy economy, well-paying jobs, and clean air now and in the future are all consequences of this.

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