Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki

Patrick D Costa

On second June , Head of the state Justin Trudeau met with the State leader of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, during his visit to Canada.

In order to put an end to Russia’s barbaric and unjustifiable invasion of Ukraine, the prime ministers reaffirmed their shared commitment to providing assistance to the country for as long as necessary. Poland and Canada continue to work closely together to support Ukraine in a variety of ways, including training Ukrainian military personnel through Operation UNIFIER. As well established NATO Partners, the two chiefs reaffirmed their persevering through obligation to the Coalition and anticipated the impending NATO Highest point in Vilnius, Lithuania, where they will keep on connecting on issues influencing transoceanic security.

The pioneers examined endeavors to shield, safeguard, and advance majority rules government and common liberties. The two leaders also talked about energy cooperation, including how Canada helped Poland move away from high-emission energy sources and how to use hydrocarbons from Russia. They settled on the significance of proceeding to cooperate to debilitate Russia’s capacity to weaponize energy supplies against the world.

The leaders expressed satisfaction with the expanding commercial relationship that exists between Poland and Canada and talked about possibilities for enhancing the ties between the two countries.

At long last, Top state leader Trudeau underlined the significant commitments made to Canada by the dynamic Clean Canadian people group of more than 1 million in number. The prime ministers came to an agreement to keep in close touch.

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