Ontario Helping Extreme Weather-Affected Small Communities

Logan D Suza

Twenty-two small municipalities that will be impacted by significant weather events in 2022 will receive $5.5 million from the government of Ontario. The clearing of fallen trees and other debris, as well as forest regeneration to safeguard against future weather hazards like forest fires, will be aided by funding.

Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry Graydon Smith stated, “We heard from small municipalities hardest hit by extreme weather last year that they need support to address concerns about public safety.” With the present declaration, we are guaranteeing districts can recuperate from these climate occasions and construct serious areas of strength for a.”

In 2022, severe weather events ravaged portions of southern and eastern Ontario, causing damage to public roads, forest access roads, and thousands of hectares of Crown and private forests as well as a damaging thunderstorm in May and a tornado in July.

“This subsidizing will assist with reestablishing these networks – giving inner harmony to their occupants, and safeguarding the prosperity of their timberlands,” said Ric Bresee, Parliamentary Aide to the Pastor of Normal Assets and Ranger service. ” Together, they overcame a natural disaster right on their doorstep, and we are taking steps to ensure their safety in the future.”

Municipalities that sought financial assistance to assist with clean-up and forest regeneration efforts will receive the funding one-time.

Don DeGenova, the mayor of Tweed, stated, “Our residents have been living under an umbrella of fear since the tornado on July 24th, worrying about potential forest fires and flooding.” On behalf of those residents, the staff of the Tweed Municipal Council and the province collaborated tirelessly for assistance. That call has been answered today by Minister Smith and our MPP, Ric Bresee. We are extremely grateful for this support, which will help alleviate some of our concerns.

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