Keep up to Date with Winter Road Conditions Using the Hotline App

Abdur Rahman Khan

Slow down around Snowplows

There were nearly 13 million visits to the Highway Hotline last year, so be sure to keep it in your travel plans.

“Snowplow operators are working to provide safe road conditions for you and your family and collisions remain a concern,” Highways Minister Jeremy Cockrill said. “Snowplows can create white-out conditions, so please drive with caution and slow down around snowplows that are operating.”

Snowplows use blue and amber lights when plowing, salting or sanding to increase visibility, heighten awareness as well as increase safety for all operators and the public.

The Highway Hotline is looking out for you and your family this holiday season, so when conditions change, road conditions are updated.

Be sure to download the new Highway Hotline App, which is available for free in the Google and Apple online stores. A recently updated hotline provides the same functionality people are used to, with a new look and some new features.

The Highway Hotline uses terminology that will help you make informed decisions when planning travel.

There are four different types of conditions on the hotline:

  • Seasonal driving, winter conditions exist, travel not recommended and closed.
  • No specific issues exist with seasonal driving.
  • In winter conditions, highlighted in yellow, icy or slippery sections will occur.
  • Travel not recommended means road conditions are poor with reduced visibility, icy conditions and could even be blocked.
  • When a highway is closed, it is impassable and plows are no longer clearing until conditions improve.

The hotline is updated at least three times daily or when conditions change and warrant it.

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