WestJet Cancels Hundreds of Flights Due to Extreme Cold

Syed Azam

WestJet passengers across Canada are facing a frosty reality

WestJet passengers across Canada are facing a frosty reality: severe cold weather has crippled the airline’s operations, leading to over 460 flight cancellations since last Thursday. The unrelenting Arctic blast, especially in WestJet’s Calgary hub, has disrupted travel throughout the Prairie region, and the freeze is expected to linger until early next week.

The airline is reeling from the icy grip of winter. Cancellations spiked day after day, with 87 on Jan. 11, 104 on Jan. 12, a staggering 153 on Jan. 13, and another 120 piled on by Jan. 14. Even Ontario felt the chill – a Jan. 12 storm diverted nine WestJet flights to and from Toronto.

WestJet is scrambling to navigate the icy maze. Flexible change/cancel options are now available for passengers flying to or from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba between Jan. 11-15. “We’re battling frigid temperatures to ensure safe operations,” said David Powell, WestJet vice-president, praising team efforts. “Your travel plans matter, and we’ll keep you updated as the weather unfolds.”

Meanwhile, Air Canada warned of winter’s wrath on social media, impacting North American flights this weekend. To ease call centre congestion, WestJet urges passengers to only contact them within 72 hours of their flight and check flight status online before heading to the airport.

So, if you’re flying WestJet in the Prairies, buckle up for potential delays and cancellations. Pack patience, stay informed, and keep those thermals handy – the frigid grip of winter is holding firm.

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