Saskatchewan’s post-secondary student voices being amplified

Abdur Rahman Khan

“Engaging students in conversations around their post-secondary experience will help us better understand what helps them to succeed,” Advanced Education Minister Gordon Wyant said.

Another Saskatchewan Post-Optional Understudy Board will offer understudies chances to give input on a wide scope of post-auxiliary subjects through direct commitment with the Service of High level training. Policies, emerging issues, and trends in post-secondary education will be discussed, and students will offer guidance, insight, and feedback.

Gordon Wyant, Minister of Advanced Education, stated, “Engaging students in conversations about their post-secondary experience will help us better understand what helps them succeed.” We will be able to connect with students and gain valuable insights and perspectives thanks to this student council.”

The council will consist of approximately twenty students from Saskatchewan’s postsecondary institutions with a wide range of interests, experiences, and points of view. Students will serve on the council for one academic year, and it will begin operating in the fall of 2023. The following year will see the selection of a new council.

Wyant stated, “The members of this student council will reflect the diverse post-secondary education sector in Saskatchewan.” Students who are interested in shaping the future of Saskatchewan’s post-secondary education will be nominated by each institution.

Students will be nominated by their institutions based on factors like their credential type, diversity group, and geographic location. Understudies being named should give instances of administration, collaboration abilities and local area influence. Students who are interested in becoming members of the council can get in touch with the Ministry of Advanced Education at [email protected] to be referred to the appropriate person at their school. Students will be selected for the council by a ministry selection committee after nominations are reviewed.

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