2023-24 Saskatchewan Anglers’ Guide is now available online

Arafat Rahman

For those who enjoy fishing, the 2023–24 Saskatchewan Anglers Guide is now available online.

You can quickly reference the province’s rules, practices, and catch limits by downloading the guide to your smartphone or tablet. Actual duplicates will be accessible at Service of Climate field workplaces, most common park workplaces and select retail outlets toward the beginning of May.

“Fishing is a respected custom in Saskatchewan and an extraordinary method for unwinding and reconnect with loved ones,” Climate Priest Dana Skoropad said. ” I firmly urge fishermen to survey the aide prior to taking off, so they can completely appreciate projecting a line in one of our numerous wonderful freshwater lakes or waterways this season.”

The guide provides anglers with important information about catch-and-release best practices, fish identification, preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species, and how to accurately measure and package fish for transport in addition to provincial regulations.

In the southern management zone, the new season begins on May 5, in the central management zone on May 15, and in the northern management zone on May 25.

Licenses for fishing can be purchased online or through the SK Hunt & Fish app, and they can be saved on a mobile device.

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