More Than 200 Goats Join The Weed Management Team At Wascana Centre

Logan D Suza

More than 200 goats that have been trained to eat through invasive weeds will be welcomed at the Wascana Centre by the Provincial Capital Commission (PCC) on May 24. Back for a subsequent year, the quantity of goats expanded from last year, permitting them to brush bigger regions. Every day, about 10 pounds of weeds are consumed by each goat.

The general population is free to see the goats while they are working diligently in the recreation area from May 24 through June 1, yet are approached to keep away from the electric fences and keep all canines on a chain to not occupy the shepherd canines supporting their work.

Minister Responsible for the Provincial Capital Commission Don McMorris stated, “We are pleased to welcome a herd of 200 local Saskatchewan goats to enjoy our tasty weeds.” This indicates a 100% increase in the number of goats at Wascana Centre year over year. We can stop the spread of invasive plants without using chemical herbicides or machinery by grazing goats.”

The goats are nearby, making the journey from Elbow, Saskatchewan, with overseers from No Joking Weed Administration. Florentine Maathius, a shephard, will remain on site with the herd. Additionally, two Border Collie herding dogs and a devoted guard sheepdog make up the team.

In order to help get rid of weeds, the grazing is done in two stages. The initial growth of the invasive weeds is restricted during this phase, and the second grazing, which takes place in the beginning of August, focuses on those same weeds before they go to seed. Once the weeds are gone, the goal is to bring back Canada wildrye, rough fescue, and green needle grass, which are native to prairies.

Through innovation and educational opportunities, the Provincial Capital Commission is committed to environmental stewardship. Wascana Centre will remain a thriving natural oasis in the middle of a city for future generations thanks to the goat grazing project.

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