RCMP conducts traffic enforcement operation, 31 vehicles towed

Arshad Khan

Vehicle on tow truck

31 vehicles were towed during a recent RCMP traffic enforcement operation on the Acadian Peninsula, and 79 tickets were issued.

On May 17 and 18, 2023, individuals from the New Brunswick RCMP’s Strategic Traffic Requirement Unit (TTEU), the Upper east Locale RCMP, and officials and engine vehicle reviewers from the Roadway Wellbeing Implementation Part of the Branch of Equity and Public Security, cooperated to lead a traffic requirement activity in the Acadian Promontory. The operation focused on unsafe vehicles, modified vehicles, driving while distracted, and wearing seatbelts correctly.

95 vehicles were taken to a specific location for evaluation during the operation; 31 of them were deemed unsafe and had to be towed at the owner’s expense, and 24 vehicles were modified and given notices for engineer inspections. The New Brunswick Motor Vehicle Act also resulted in the issuance of 79 tickets for traffic violations, including six for not wearing a seatbelt and seven for using a handheld electronic device while driving. In addition, one person was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle and fleeing from police, and four people were given court dates for driving while suspended.

The New Brunswick RCMP’s TTEU conducts normal, designated traffic requirement on streets all through the area with the objectives of further developing street wellbeing, teaching drivers about transit regulations, and to diminish serious injury and lethal impacts.

The general population can help with keeping risky drivers off the street by revealing them to police. On the off chance that you see a perilous or a thought hindered driver, call 911. Your portrayal of the driver, vehicle, tag number and heading of movement can help police in making New Brunswick streets more secure.

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