Canadian women want to rent half of her bed to reduce costs

Sathia Kumar

Canadian women want to rent half of her bed to reduce costs

Skyscrapers for rent in Toronto, Canada. So to cut costs, a woman there advertised to rent half of her bed. And this advertisement has spread virally on social media Facebook within moments.

Last month, Toronto-based realtor Anya Ettinger posted on Facebook Marketplace that she would rent half of a woman’s bed, according to international media. In this, he said that he will take 900 Canadian dollars (Bangladeshi approximately 72 thousand 918 taka) for the rent of half of the bed.

However, the controversial post was deleted. The Facebook post, titled ‘Shared Bedroom in a Lake-Facing Downtown Condo’, said: ‘Looking for a single woman to share a queen size bed in the master bedroom. Earlier I shared my bed with a woman I found on Facebook. It was going well.’

Anya Ettinger told CTV News Toronto about the post, “If you think about it, nothing bad has happened to Toronto’s economic situation. So look at this, this is actually happening. A person wants to rent his bed for 900 Canadian dollars a month. Many will not see this well. But the worst thing is, many people are forced to do it. It is a very sad incident.’

Toronto is known as the second-most expensive housing market in Canada. According to the report of the American media New York Post, the monthly average cost of a one-bedroom house in Toronto is about 2 thousand 614 US dollars (Bangladeshi about 2 lakh 89 thousand 660 taka). That’s why there is a growing trend of “hot bedding” or sharing a bed with a stranger to reduce rental costs.

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