Commencement of circulation of coins bearing the image of King Charles

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The Royal Canadian Mint unveiled a model of the King’s obverse on November 14, with all Canadian coins featuring the obverse.

The first Canadian coins to feature the face of King Charles will soon be rolling out across the country. The Royal Canadian Mint displays a model of the King’s obverse on November 14. All Canadian coins will have the obverse on the reverse. The monarch’s effigy is also being set on a coin for the first time.

A limited number of 2023 coins bearing the king’s face will be distributed in early December, the Mint said. Coins can be exchanged later in December at the Mint’s Ottawa and Winnipeg boutiques.
The portrait was designed by Canadian portrait artist Steven Rosati. He also designed other coins of the mint. Six silver National Hockey League goalie coins and centennial commemorative looneys honoring the Toronto Maple Leafs are among them.

According to the Mint’s website, it invites more than 350 artists and engravers to submit portfolios before a review panel. Design binding conditions are provided to selected shortlisted artists. Their designs are then selected based on aesthetics, technical efficiency and mass production capability. In this process the selected design is sent to Buckingham Palace for approval.

The Royal Image has been designed by Canadian artists since the 1990s, Mint said. This is done to showcase their talent.

Earlier this year, the federal government ordered the Mint and the Bank of Canada to replace the Queen’s image with the King’s on their coins and $20 notes. Earlier, Khati issued gold and silver commemorative coins to commemorate the inauguration of the king.

Queen Elizabeth II passed away at the age of 96 after serving for 70 years. After his death, King Charles ascended the throne in September 2022.

Canada as well as other Commonwealth countries have replaced the Queen’s face on their currency. The gold dollar coin was the first coin in Australia to bear the King’s face. The country expects to release one million dollar coins per day. However, all coins bearing the face of the Queen in circulation in Canada are valid.

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