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A word of knowledge

Arafat Rahman

From birth we all hear about wisdom. Mother speaks first of knowledge because mother is the first teacher.

From birth we all hear about wisdom. Mother speaks first of knowledge because mother is the first teacher. Then begins the knowledge of the father. Father is the second teacher. Then grandparents. Then uncle, uncle, aunt PC. It doesn’t matter if you have siblings. Then the teacher. friends colleagues office boss Then the knowledge of love. After all, we listen to the knowledge of the society. Let us explain who gives knowledge.

Mother teaches you to be wise like Mr. Vidyasagar. But no one can become wise just by wanting to be wise. Everyone’s talent is not equal. There are three types of people in society – wise, ignorant and semi-wise. No one can become Vidyasagar even if they try.

Be pious like Swami Vivekananda, Baba teaches. None of us have the strength to obey Swamiji. We can all be honest if we try, but more honest is hard. Being too heroic is dangerous. In this era, if you protest, you will die. He who is fearful, endures; He who endures, who lives longer. There are many rules in religion – don’t follow the rules and read the syllabus. It is now a responsibility to live with your head held high like a human being. Living in Prana is the greatest religion. So save yourself, don’t harm others.

Now let’s talk about the wisdom of the old ladies. This was in our era, but not in your era. Everything is good in our era, everything is bad in your era. Who would understand that society changes with time. Ideas change. Life is no longer like a cow. Life is a river.

Now let’s talk about blood relations. He moved forward, you fell behind. He got everything, you got nothing. You shouldn’t have done this, you should have done that. If you continue like this, you will be left behind. Blood relations means acquaintances, whom they cheat, so the acquaintance is no longer related forever – the wife remains with the bride.

Other knowledge of siblings. I want a red dress like my grandfather. I want my pen like didi. Give your brother a little more indulgence. Love your sister a little more.

I heard only one wisdom from the mouth of the teachers, to study eighteen hours a day. I have never read more than eight hours in a day in my life, much less. I don’t know if I’m brilliant, but I’m not a cheater. And all the words that I hear from the mouth of the teachers, I say, nothing will happen because of you. You are the servant of Alal’s house. you are fat I heard if you had good results, you should have got more marks.

A friend is no longer a friend. A friend does not let a friend go straight, standing by the side in danger is a far cry. Tell your friends. Let’s skip class and go to the cinema. This is a new brand of cigarette, take a look, the mood will change completely. Today is the mood of winter.

Colleagues only say one thing, the boss likes you a little more. Some say a little more lovingly, you have entered someone’s source here.

The words that grace the mouth of the boss are, learn to work. If you have taken leave in the previous month, you cannot take leave in this month. The boss remembers vacation but completely forgets about overtime. Mine does not grow so quickly. After working for ten years I grew up in Maine. Everyone needs to hear this.

Wives used to say to their husbands, “Don’t accompany me at all.” Now say, I am not dependent on you. Husbands used to tell their wives, cook the meat thoroughly. Now say, my absolute luck, I got meat twice this month. Everyone is happy when they get money, then no one wants meat.

Now let’s talk about knowledge of society. You have not fulfilled your duty to your parents properly. You used to reach the wife. You claim your wife. You married for wealth. You don’t earn money honestly. You have grown up in life by killing oil. You blow your father’s money. you are selfish After all what society says is, you are characterless.

So listen to your own wisdom. Don’t give it to anyone. Don’t take it from anyone.

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