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1 million visitors will watch the ‘rare solar eclipse’ in front of Niagara

Taslima Jamal

Visitors in front of Niagara. Photo: Reuters

April 8 is going to be the longest solar eclipse in 50 years. And it is estimated that about one million visitors will gather at Niagara Falls in Canada to see this rare solar eclipse. This information was reported by the news agency Reuters citing Niagara authorities.

Local businesses have already started preparing to watch the rare solar eclipse on April 8, Niagara authorities said. They estimate that a train trip to Niagara will cost $4,000 per person. And the hotel room rent for each night will be 1 thousand 600 dollars.

According to Space, the rare solar eclipse will be fully visible from Mexico, the United States and Canada. So many visitors want to enjoy the sight of Niagara Falls located on the Canada-US border. And for this purpose, they are renting the hotel in advance.

Due to increased demand, the hotel authorities have already increased the hotel rent. Janice Thomson, president and CEO of Niagara Falls Tourism, said, “Most of the hotel rooms are booked. The price is also higher than usual.

Meanwhile, Niagara authorities said they have planned special arrangements on both sides keeping in mind the presence of visitors who came to watch the eclipse.

“We estimate at least one million people will gather in Niagara to see this rare solar eclipse,” said Ontario Mayor Jim Deodati. I am impatient to see this unprecedented scene.’

Meanwhile, John Percy, president and CEO of the regional tourism promotional agency Destination Niagara USA, said the eclipse is expected to bring the largest number of visitors to the US end of Niagara Falls.

According to the space news agency Space, on April 8 this year, the people of the world will see a rare solar eclipse. It can last more than 7 minutes. Such a rare long-duration solar eclipse usually occurs once every 50 years. Earlier such a rare solar eclipse was seen in 1973.

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