Saudi Arabia opened doors for Bangladeshi businessmen and workers

Sathia Kumar

Saudi Ambassador of Dhaka Essa Al-Duhailan.

Saudi Arabia has opened its doors for skilled workers and investors from Bangladesh. Saudi Arabia has numerous investment sectors such as infrastructure, building construction, agriculture, textiles, fishing and ranching. It has been informed that any sector of these should be kept open for investment by Bangladeshis.

A report of Arab News published on Tuesday (July 25) at around 10:30 pm informed this news.

According to the report, Riyadh’s ambassador to Dhaka, Esa Al-Duhailan, told Arab News ahead of the visit of Bangladeshi business leaders to Saudi Arabia.

The ambassador said that Bangladeshis are the largest expatriate labor community in Saudi Arabia. There are currently 2.8 million Bangladeshis residing in the country and Bangladeshi workers are well known as hard workers.

Ambassador Al-Duhailan said, ‘Wherever you go in Saudi Arabia, you will see Bangladeshis. At various events, they expressed their income and prosperity and thanked Saudi Arabia and the Saudi people. Many of them are loyal to Saudi Arabia.

He also said, “The government and people of Saudi Arabia are well aware of their efforts.” They are participating in the development of Saudi Arabia.

According to the report, several mega projects such as Neom city currently require huge manpower in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, the country’s authorities are giving more and more opportunities to foreign workers. Especially for professionals.

The Saudi ambassador said, ‘We have digital platforms, we have new infrastructure, we have mega projects. Skilled workers are required for this. We welcome all types of professionals to come and work in Saudi Arabia in various sectors.”

He also said, “I request the concerned authorities and Bangladeshis to receive training on various subjects.” It will benefit both countries. We will get skilled workers and Bangladesh will also invest for Bangladeshi citizens.

Saudi Arabia is already one of the major sources of remittance flows for Bangladesh. The salary of professionals in the country is significantly higher than that of semi-skilled workers.

When Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh signed the Manpower Recruitment and Skills Verification Program agreement earlier this year, Al-Duhailan predicted that those employed under the scheme would at least double their earnings.

Ambassador Al-Duhailan said that the delegation of top Bangladeshi business leaders will visit Saudi Arabia this month or August. Apart from meeting Chamber of Commerce leaders in Saudi Arabia, they will also observe market opportunities there.

He said, ‘There is a huge opportunity in Saudi Arabia. Any Bangladeshi can invest there in any case. Saudi Arabia has numerous investment sectors such as infrastructure, building construction, agriculture, textiles, fisheries and farms.

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