The Muslim world is angry with the burning of Quran in Denmark

Syed Azam

Violent protests in Yemen over the burning of the Quran

The burning of the Koran, the holy book of Muslims, on the day of Eid in Sweden caused widespread protests in Muslim countries. Sweden itself was forced to protest against the burning of the Quran in the country. This time, Iraq and some Muslim majority countries strongly condemned the burning of the Quran in Denmark. BBC news.

According to the BBC report, a group called Danish Patriot burned the Quran in front of the Iraqi embassy in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, on Monday. Earlier last Friday, the hard-right group broadcast another such incident live on Facebook.

Monday’s incident in Denmark saw two anti-Islam protesters step on the Quran and set fire to a tin foil tray. An Iraqi flag was lying on the ground next to it.

After this incident, around 1,000 protesters tried to reach the Danish embassy in Baghdad. Iraq’s foreign ministry said such incidents spread the virus of extremism and hatred that threaten the peaceful coexistence of different societies.

This incident has been protested in Yemen. Thousands of people protested in the country’s capital, Sana’a. Protesters are all angry at Denmark and Sweden for allowing such activities.

Türkiye described the incident as an abomination against the Quran. Algeria’s foreign ministry has summoned the Danish ambassador and Sweden’s chargé d’affaires to express their condemnation.

However, Denmark’s foreign minister said in this tweet, Denmark condemns the burning of the Quran by a few people today. Such provocative and shameful actions do not represent the views of the Danish government.

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