Saskatchewan and Prairie Provinces Working Together on Transportation Corridors

Syed Azam

Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba sign Memorandum of Understanding

To make it possible for our products to travel to markets all over the world in a secure, dependable, and sustainable manner, Saskatchewan is collaborating with its prairie neighbors.

A Memorandum of Understanding is being signed by highways and transportation ministers from Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba to strengthen economic corridors that support our supply chains.

“The world requirements what Saskatchewan brings to the table,” Saskatchewan Expressways Clergyman Jeremy Cockrill said. ” To transport our food, fuel, and fertilizer throughout North America and the world, we rely on solid road, rail, air, and port networks.”

According to Doyle Piwniuk, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure for Manitoba, “Manitoba’s unique gateway and hub initiatives cannot develop in isolation, so external cooperative partnerships will leverage our initiatives for success.” Saskatchewan and Alberta are natural key partners to work with on improving transportation-enabled trade because of their similar access to transportation and trade, including distance to markets, reliance on international ports and railway services, and commodity base.

Alberta’s Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors, Devin Dreeshen, stated, “Alberta is proud to partner with Saskatchewan and Manitoba, taking a leadership role in building new trade corridors that will help our provinces and our country.”

Over the next decade, Saskatchewan’s Growth Plan promises to increase exports by 50% and expand the province’s export infrastructure to increase product mobility to international markets. Exports ensure Saskatchewanans’ improved quality of life and a thriving business community.

The three provinces agree in the memorandum to collaborate on improving our transportation system in order to maintain Saskatchewan’s economic strength and competitiveness.

The three provinces will work together for:

  • Improve efficiency of inter-provincial highway and rail networks.
  • Encourage the federal government for infrastructure funding and national supply chain solutions.
  • Keep their economies competitive and grow capital investment.
  • Harmonize regulations to support businesses, industries and shippers.

Exports account for seventy percent of Saskatchewan’s economy. Saskatchewan exported goods worth a record $37 billion in 2021, a 24% increase from the previous year.

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