Ontario Using Second Chance Hiring to Improve Safety in Communities

Abdur Rahman Khan

New projects will help up to 2,000 people with criminal records escape the cycle of poverty, incarceration, and crime

Nine innovative projects will receive $12 million from the Ontario government to assist up to 2,000 people who have left the justice system or have a prior criminal record in finding meaningful employment with local businesses, thereby fostering connections and a sense of community. In Ontario, more than one million people have a criminal record, which can dramatically increase the likelihood of long-term poverty and reduce chances of a second interview by 50%. It has been demonstrated that having a steady job helps address the underlying causes of crime and lowers the likelihood of reoffending.

Minister of Labor, Immigration, Training, and Skills Development Monte McNaughton stated, “Across Ontario, tens of thousands of people have paid their dues and just want to roll up their sleeves and give back.” Our government, led by Premier Ford, is convinced of the value of second chances. As we work to eliminate the stigma of having a criminal record, I encourage business leaders to join us.”

Driven by different associations across numerous areas, the projects reported today will plan jobseekers for well-paying professions in development, fabricating, neighborliness, food and drink handling, and different enterprises. Through apprenticeship and technical training, on-the-job learning, and enhancing job readiness and interviewing skills, they will meet a variety of employment and training requirements. In order to ensure a smooth transition into the job market, the projects provide all-encompassing support in the form of mentoring, job placement, and mental health resources.

The Solicitor General, Michael Kerzner, stated, “We believe in second chances and in the inherent potential of each person.” Building serious areas of strength for an implies that nobody gets abandoned, incorporating those with past crook records. We are creating brighter futures and better tomorrows by connecting people with criminal records to skill training.

The public authority will disclose extra projects to assist individuals with earlier contribution in the law enforcement framework throughout the next few months. The Skills Development Fund is a $700 million initiative that supports ground-breaking programs that connect job seekers with the skills and training they need to find well-paying careers close to home. These projects are funded by the Skills Development Fund.

According to Terry Tsianos, Chairman of Scale Hospitality, “Minister McNaughton and his team have done incredible work to support training and skill development in the hospitality sector.” We have been able to provide at-risk youth across the Greater Toronto Area with valuable training that will help them transform their lives thanks to ongoing funding from the provincial SDF program. This year’s support will once again position the hospitality industry as a viable option for people looking for meaningful, well-paying work. We are grateful to Premier Ford, Minister McNaughton, and Minister Kerzner for their ongoing support of second chance and skill development programs.

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