Ontario Police Recruitment Fair Draws Hundreds

Arshad Khan

Hundreds of people seeking out a career in policing descended on the Toronto Police College for a recruitment fair drew 22 police services from Treaty Three to Ottawa.

Four Indigenous police services were also recruiting. Many police services were looking for people to serve in civilian as well as policing roles, Toronto included.

In the midst of a recent ad campaign to encourage new recruits, Chief Administrative Officer Svina Dhaliwal announced the services intention to increase hiring for 2023.

“We are aiming to hire over 300 Police Constables next year and are currently hiring Special Constables to support frontline policing and 9-1-1 Communications Operators who are the vital lifeline for people seeking emergency help. We will also be looking for a wide array of Administrative positions, Information Technology developers as well as Automotive Technicians.”

Detective Constable Andrew Bryan, who was answering questions from people interested in a police constable role, was proud of the opportunity presented to those interested in a career in policing.

“All of the applicants who come to this event have a wonderful opportunity to meet with recruiters from different services, and it’s a great experience to see what’s available,” he said, “It’s a recruits market and people have the opportunity to find out what they want.”

He also noted the collaboration of all the services benefits the poeple of Ontario, by helping those with an interest more easily figure out their path.

“We are here becasue we want the best of the best, and we want all police services to recruit the best of the best.”

Acting Deputy Chief Lauren Pogue was on hand as well, hoping to encourage the next generation of police officers and civilian members to consider the career.

“One of the best decisions I ever made was putting on this uniform. And seeing people interested in embarking on that same journey really puts a smile on my face.”

She stressed the importance of pursuing your passions, and that it “doesn’t matter if you’re straight out of school or looking for a more meaningful second career, we need people who want to make a difference.”

Noting the uniqueness that comes with a policing career, she encouraged all those in attendance to keep in mind one simple task.

“If you’re looking for a career that is anything but 9 to 5, where you can step up to serve your city, go to, read our officers’ stories about why they joined and talk to a recruiter.”

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