Legal notice to BTRC for ‘reluctance’ to collect Rs 100 crore dues

Abdur Rahman Khan

The total dues of 34 institutions are over Rs 109 crore.

The total dues of 34 institutions are over Rs 109 crore. A legal notice has been sent to the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) seeking an explanation for the news published in the media.

Supreme Court lawyer Montu Chandra Ghosh sent this notice by registry post. He himself confirmed this on Tuesday (April 30).
A copy of the notice has also been sent to the Secretary, Ministry of Telecommunication. It has been asked to explain the matter within 48 hours of receiving the notice. Otherwise, it is mentioned that a writ will be filed in the High Court regarding the recovery of the institution’s money.

The notice said that on April 20, a national daily published a news headlined ‘Debt collection Aniha, Udar BTRC’. That is to say, as an independent institution, Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) works to provide fair service to customers. But from the perspective of the situation, it seems that the state-owned institution is going in the opposite direction. Their job has become to protect the interests of some companies. Over Rs 109 crore in revenue commission owed to 34 International Internet Gateway (IIG) organizations from revenue sharing from bandwidth sales. BTRC has shown reluctance to collect this debt.

The notice also said that the news created a very adverse reaction in the public mind. Therefore, to know the real facts, as there was no protest or any real issue about the news in any newspaper, the notice was sent as a regular lawyer of the Supreme Court.

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