Ontario Partnering with Hamilton Brewery to Help Restore the Forest at Balsam Lake Provincial Park

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Proceeds from limited-edition specialty craft beer contributing to reforestation project that will plant more than 1,000 new trees

Trail Loop, a limited-edition specialty craft beer, is the product of a second year of collaboration between Ontario Parks and Collective Arts Brewing. As a result of this partnership, vital reforestation efforts in the vicinity of the Kawartha Lakes at Balsam Lake Provincial Park will receive direct funding.

“Ontario is continuously taking a gander at new, creative ways of collaborating with neighborhood organizations to assist with safeguarding the biodiversity of our common parks and protection saves,” said David Piccini, Pastor of the Climate, Preservation and Parks. ” This organization is a genuine made-in-Ontario story — a scrumptious specialty lager by a prestigious Ontario brewer, with privately obtained fixings and unique fine art by a nearby craftsman on the side of one of the territory’s dearest parks. I am looking forward to toasting our efforts to preserve the healthy and vibrant forest at Balsam Lake Provincial Park with a can of Trail Loop.

Ontarians have a unique opportunity to support the preservation and restoration of the province’s natural areas thanks to Trail Loop. Ontario Parks will be able to plant native tree species like Sugar Maple, Paper Birch, White Cedar, and Red Oak as a result of this collaboration. This will support habitats and improve the park’s overall ecological resilience.

To put it mildly, it has been gratifying to collaborate on beer and merchandise with Ontario Parks. In our second year we keep on enhancing the excellence of our territory and its parks as well as assisting with causing it to flourish through the Amber Lake Commonplace Park reclamation project,” said Steve St. Jean, Head of Brand Imaginative, Aggregate Expressions Preparing. ” The extraordinary Gosia Komorski once again created the artwork for our Trail Loop Honey Lager this year. Gosia spent her summers camping at Balsam Lake and other wonderful Ontario parks as a child, which she now revisits with her daughter, making this an important project for everyone involved.

Trail Loop is a honey lager made with honey that comes from a nearby farm. It is a tribute to the people who explore the trails that wind through Ontario’s provincial parks. Gosia Komorski, a Toronto-based artist who has a personal connection to Balsam Lake Provincial Park and a passion for the restoration of the park’s forests, designed the can.

Neil Lumsden, MPP for Hamilton East—Stoney Creek and Minister of Tourism, Culture, and Sport, stated, “You can bet our government will proudly support it when we can champion an innovative partnership that restores our provincial parks and promotes Ontario’s craft breweries.” This is an excellent chance to exhibit the work of a talented Ontario artist and to encourage tourists from all over the world to support the local economy by going to a great local business.

The limited-edition beer is currently available for purchase at Collective Arts Brewing, a few provincial grocery stores, and The Beer Store later this month. A unique run of Trail Circle stock is being sold solely at

“The group at Resin Lake Commonplace Park is thankful to be the beneficiary of this joint effort — it’s endearing to realize that Ontarians from across the territory will take part in reestablishing our wonderful woods,” said Mike Cappello, Park Director, Amber Lake Commonplace Park. ” The reforestation project is assisting us in restoring diversity to the habitat that provides food for species and visitors to the park. As we work toward rebuilding this unique and prized green space, we anticipate planting even more trees this year.

This is the second year of organization between Ontario Parks and Aggregate Expressions Preparing. In 2022, the joint effort raised almost $6,000 for the Resin Lake project. The Amber Lake Commonplace Park reforestation project intends to establish more than 1,000 trees.

This organization is only one of the manners in which Ontario Parks is attempting to safeguard normal regions and advance the significance of sound, regular spaces for ages to appreciate. By reestablishing the timberland at Amber Lake Commonplace Park, the Ontario government is reinforcing the insurance and strength of nearby natural life and the climate while guaranteeing admittance to sporting open doors for Ontario families to appreciate and helping neighborhood the travel industry.

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