Ontario Investing in Infrastructure Improvements at Algonquin Provincial Park

Arafat Rahman

New cabins and yurts will improve camper experience at Canada’s oldest provincial park

Algonquin Provincial Park’s infrastructure, which includes additional roofed lodgings and bridges, is getting more than $3.3 million in funding from the Ontario government. The funding will enhance the visitor experience on the trails of Canada’s oldest provincial park and increase overnight camping opportunities.

Minister of Environment, Conservation, and Parks David Piccini stated, “In 2022, Ontario Parks recorded more than 12.1 million visits and overnight camping grew by nine percent over 2021, which shows the increasing demand for our beautiful provincial parks.” A crucial component of ensuring that visitors can have an unforgettable experience at Algonquin Provincial Park throughout the year is the construction of additional bridges and roofed accommodations.

This investment in Algonquin Provincial Park’s infrastructure will help build eight new roofed accommodations at Mew Lake Campground, including four yurts and four cabins. It will also help replace two bridges at Rock Lake and Pog Lake Campgrounds, pave roads, and make improvements to Highway 60.

This year, Ontario Parks intends to update three more yurts at Mew Lake Campground to include cutting-edge camping amenities. These speculations straightforwardly answer the criticism from parks guests. In a survey conducted in 2021, close to one third of visitors to Ontario Parks stated that if there were more rentals with roofs, they would be more likely to return.

John Yakabuski, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of the Environment, Conservation, and Parks, stated, “I can tell you firsthand from hiking in Algonquin Provincial Park — it has so much to offer visitors, from hiking and biking trails to canoe routes and a Discovery program,” and “I am pleased we are bringing even more to the park by building more roofed accommodations for overnight stays.” At one of Ontario’s most beloved parks, reinvesting in the infrastructure will guarantee visitors a typical Canadian camping experience.

Continuous interest in Ontario Parks foundation is one more way the public authority is growing sporting open doors for Ontario families, helping nearby the travel industry and reinforcing the security and soundness of neighborhood untamed life and the climate. This project is part of an investment of $41.7 million made by Ontario over two years to improve and maintain the infrastructure of Ontario Parks so that visitors can continue to have an enjoyable and up-to-date park experience.

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