Ontario introduces New Interactive High-Speed Internet Map

Arshad Khan

Ontario has launched a new interactive map as part of our plan to bring access to high-speed internet to every community by the end of 2025!

The Ontario government is sending off another intuitive guide that will make it simpler for occupants and organizations to dive more deeply into commonly supported high velocity web projects across the area. The map can be searched for project details by address, community, or municipality. This includes information about the construction status and the internet service providers that will provide dependable high-speed internet in communities that are not currently served.

Minister of Infrastructure Kinga Surma stated, “I am so proud to launch this new online tool that will help people learn more about high-speed internet access currently available and coming soon to communities across the province.” This easy to understand guide will furnish Ontarians with the most recent data about our administration’s advancement in bringing dependable fast web admittance to each local area toward the finish of 2025. Our government will make certain that no community will be left behind in today’s digital world by implementing our ambitious plan.

More than $2.3 billion in agreements have been signed in Ontario for nearly 200 cellular and high-speed internet projects. The internet service providers for 14 high-speed internet projects that will receive over $8.4 million in provincial funding through the Improving Connectivity for Ontario (ICON) program are being announced as part of these agreements. These undertakings, which are additionally included on the new fast web map, will bring dependable high velocity web admittance to in excess of 11,000 homes and organizations across the region.

Ontario is giving families, organizations and networks with the framework they need by money management more than $184 billion throughout the following 10 years in streets, thruways, public travel, emergency clinics, long haul care homes, schools, and rapid web.

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