Ontario Helps More Women Get Jobs and Build Skills

Sathia Kumar

To provide more economic opportunities for women, the government of Ontario is expanding the Investing in Women’s Futures program to ten additional locations across the province. This expansion is part of a $6.9 million investment that will be spread out over three years to improve the program and assist more women who face social and economic obstacles in connecting with support services and learning the skills they need to become financially secure and self-sufficient.

“These 10 new Putting resources into Ladies’ Fates program areas will uphold more ladies to turn out to be monetarily enabled and live securely with a more noteworthy feeling of prosperity,” said Charmaine Williams, Partner Pastor of Ladies’ Social and Monetary Open door. ” By investing in women’s futures, Ontario’s economy is strengthened and women are empowered to achieve the success they deserve through higher education or well-paying jobs.

Women who are experiencing social and economic barriers, such as gender-based violence and social isolation, can take advantage of a variety of adaptable services and employment readiness assistance through the Investing in Women’s Futures program. Women can use these services and support to get over any obstacles, improve their well-being, learn new skills, and find work. With the addition of ten new locations, the total number of service delivery locations in the province has increased to 33, making it easier for more women to access the program.

These are the ten new locations for the Investing in Women’s Futures program:

  1. Huronia Transition Homes in Midland
  2. Community Resource Center (Killaloe) Inc. in Killaloe
  3. Keepers of the Circle in Kirkland Lake
  4. Achēv in Mississauga
  5. Resolve Counselling Services Canada in Kingston
  6. Women’s Centre of York Region in Newmarket
  7. Roots Community Services Inc. in Brampton and Mississauga
  8. Up with Women in Toronto
  9. Women’s Multicultural Resource & Counselling Centre of Durham in Pickering
  10. Counselling Centre of East Algoma in Elliot Lake.

“As a father of girls, I want to build a province where girls don’t see any barriers to getting into the trades. The Minister of Labor, Immigration, Training, and Skills Development, Monte McNaughton, stated, “To build a stronger Ontario for all of us, we need all hands on deck.” This investment in the expansion of the Investing Women’s Futures program will assist a greater number of women in gaining access to the necessary training and support, starting their own businesses, and finding meaningful employment, thereby increasing their paycheques and inspiring the next generation of girls.

The $18 million that was provided for the Investing in Women’s Futures and Women’s Economic Security programs between 2022 and 2025 builds on this $6.9 million investment.

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