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Arshad Khan

“Our Spring 2023 Red Tape Reduction Package adds to our strong track record of improving access to government services and making it easier to invest and build in Ontario.” said Parm Gill, Minister of Red Tape Reduction.

The Less Red Tape, Stronger Economy Act, 2023 was introduced by the Ontario government on April 3, 2023. If it were to become law, it would make it easier to get better services, help Ontario businesses grow, and save people time.

“Building a stronger economy and improving services for Ontarians are key components of reducing red tape. According to Parm Gill, Minister of Red Tape Reduction, “our government is continuing to bring forward burden reduction packages that are saving businesses nearly $700 million each year in compliance costs.” Our strong track record of making it easier to invest and build in Ontario and improving access to government services continues with our Spring 2023 Red Tape Reduction Package.”

Ontario’s Spring 2023 Administrative noise Decrease Bundle incorporates 42 new drives that, when completely executed, are assessed to save organizations, not-for-benefits, and the more extensive public area $119 million in net yearly administrative consistence costs. The package’s most important items are:

  • Amending the Building Broadband Faster Act to help speed up the delivery of high-speed internet access to every community by the end of 2025.
  • Strengthening occupational health and safety in the mining sector by changing regulations to reflect modern technology and better protect workers.
  • Enabling the next phases of carbon storage innovation by piloting technology that has the potential to store 30 years’ worth of carbon emissions.
  • Implementing the Hague Convention on International Recovery of Child Support, reducing frustration for families involved in the province’s child and spousal support orders system by enabling enforcement of support orders in more than 55 countries.
  • Improving safety on Ontario’s roads by updating the Highway Traffic Act to prohibit drivers from overtaking a working snow plow unless a full lane is available.

As the Service of Formality Decrease proceeds with its work to foster future bundles, individuals and organizations are urged to visit the Administrative noise Entrance at and present their thoughts on ways the region can keep on making it simpler to get to administrations and carry on with work in Ontario.

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