In a show of unity, Greens brave the cold to heat up Mississauga-Lakeshore

Manjit Sing

Green leaders Elizabeth May and Jonathan Pedneault joined forces with former Green leadership contestants Anna Keenan, Chad Walcott and Sarah Gabrielle Baron yesterday to support candidate Mary Kidnew in Mississauga-Lakeshore.

“On Monday Mississauga-Lakeshore voters have the opportunity to vote in a by-election with their hearts and conscience to send a strong signal to Canadians and Parliamentarians; the empty promises will not be tolerated, the growing inequalities will not be normalized and the politics of division will not be rewarded,” Elizabeth May, Green Party leader, said.

“Wherever Greens go they light the way, proving that creating a future that works for all requires everyone’s collaboration,” Jonathan Pedneault, Green Party deputy leader added. “This is why Elizabeth and I were thrilled to canvass with Sarah, Chad and Anna to support Mary Kidnew.”

“Mary is the ultimate Green candidate. She loves this riding and has been a community organizer for decades,” Sarah Gabrielle Baron said. “She’s just great and full of positive energy, ready to hold the government to account,” added Chad Walcott. His co-runner Anna Keenan was adamant: “Mary will be no idle backbencher. The voters of this riding will have one ace of a representative in the House”

A longtime community activist who has  lived and raised her children in the riding, Mary is active with food security, youth engagement and sports initiatives in Mississauga. She came to politics to lift the groups, organizations, businesses and people of her community all while finding ways to steward the land, by protecting the land, air, water and wildlife.

“It’s a such joy to see that our leadership race brought greater unity within the party and that we can now confidently move forward toward the future,” Mary Kidnew said. “It’s a real treat to have them over here with me as voters prepare to head to the polls tomorrow.”

“By-elections are a chance for citizens to give honest feedback to politicians,” Pedneault said. “With your vote and support, Mississauga-Lakeshore will showcase, like our efforts here today, that the Green Party is back, hopeful and ready to work for all Canadians.”

Polls open at 8.30 AM and close at 8.30 PM EST on Monday, December 12. Bring your Voter Identification Card, and a piece of government issued identification, or 2 pieces of ID plus a piece of mail addressed to you at your residence with you when you go to vote. Find out more about how you can vote, and where, on the Elections Canada website.

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