Government Protecting Moose From Illegal Hunting

Abdur Rahman Khan

The Ontario government is safeguarding moose populations by ensuring hunters don’t hunt without a licence.

Aaron Elyk of Simcoe pleaded guilty to unlawfully hunting big game without a licence and was fined $3,755. He also pleaded guilty to abandoning big game and was fined $11,255. In addition, his hunting licences have been cancelled and he is prohibited from hunting in Ontario for two years.

The court heard that on October 26, 2020, Elyk shot and killed a cow near Sables Lake. He did not have a valid licence to hunt a cow moose. Elyk then abandoned the moose, causing it to spoil. Conservation officers were notified of the wildlife crime and started a lengthy investigation which involved taking statements, using a canine detection dog, a forensic ballistics examination and a search warrant.

Justice of the Peace Lori-Ann Toulouse heard the case in the Ontario Court of Justice, Espanola, on December 1, 2022.

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