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Emiratis are being forced to return from the dream Canada-United States

Patrick D Costa

Emiratis are being forced to return from the dream Canada-United States

Until the discovery of mineral oil in the 1950s, the United Arab Emirates was primarily a collection of underdeveloped areas under British rule. However, the country began to change rapidly with the arrival of mineral oil. All the residents of the country who went to the United States or Canada in the hope of a better life. They are now returning to the Emirates. In addition, experts say, high taxes, rising commodity prices and rising rents and less amenities in those countries are forcing many to return to the Emirates.

Andrew Amwells, head of research at New World Wealth, said higher taxes in Canada are actually driving new immigration to Dubai. Tax rates in Canada are much higher than in the UAE which is probably one of the reasons. Also, Canadian winters are very long. Many people migrated from Canada to the United States simply because of the climate. But the climate of UAE is also good.

Owners of developer companies are considering the influx of Canadian and American immigrants to the Emirates as a good business opportunity. In this regard, Samana Developers CEO Imran Farooq said that the number of buyers from Canada and the United States has increased. This has never happened before.

The kind of reverse migration going on from Canada, which was among the top immigration countries. This reverse migration has started due to global economic recession and law and order.

Imran Farooq also said that Canadian citizens have invested 5 to 6 percent in various projects in Samana.

Many UAE expatriates from South Asia, Southeast Asia and Arab countries have migrated to Canada, the US and other Western countries over the past decade in search of greener pastures and the hope of obtaining stronger passports. But public safety, quality of life and shorter flights to see loved ones are encouraging them to return to the UAE.

High prices and rent increases in Canada

The cost of living in Canada has increased significantly over the past year due to rising rents. Which has put Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau under pressure.

Rizwan Sejan, chairman of Danube Group and Danube Properties, said that those who did not live in the UAE and migrated to Canada, the United States can live there. But those who migrated from UAE are returning after spending some time there.

He said, most of our customers are Canadians. Those who are natives of India or Pakistan or even once lived in the UAE. Residents of Canada pay between 40 and 50 percent of their income in taxes. But there is no income tax in UAE. The UAE cherishes its residents the way other countries do not. So, people are more attracted to UAE after getting passport. Because the UAE is the only country in the world where anything from tea to petrol is delivered to the doorstep within minutes of ordering.

Imran Farooq, CEO of Samana Developers, said that Americans were lagging behind as foreign investors until recently. But their number is also increasing day by day. Besides, the demand for golden visa from Europe was high earlier. Now the demand for golden visa is also increasing from America.

CEO Imran Farooq finally added that as the number of domestic and foreign investors is increasing day by day, land prices in the UAE are also increasing consistently.

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