Canada wants to ban the Israeli occupiers

Patrick D Costa

The area of 5,655 square kilometers west of the Jordan River is known as the ‘West Bank’.

Like the United States, Canada wants to impose sanctions on the West Bank extremists and instigators of riots against Israeli settlers. The country’s president, Justin Trudeau, announced this information at a press conference last Friday.

Canada wants an end to violence in the West Bank region, Justin Trudeau said at a press conference held in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. That is why this step is under our consideration.

The area of 5,655 square kilometers west of the Jordan River is known as the ‘West Bank’. This territory is at the core of the outline of the state that the people of Palestine have been struggling for the past 75 years to demand their independent state. Taking advantage of the Middle East war, occupied the West Bank in 1967 and started sending Jewish settlers to Israel and various towns and villages there.

Almost all the countries of the world have been calling this action of Israel as illegal. However, according to Israel, Jews have a religious connection with the region.

Conflicts between Israeli settlers and Palestinians in West Bank towns and villages are an almost daily occurrence. However, tensions between Palestinians and Jewish settlers in the West Bank had been rising for 18 months before Hamas attacked Israeli territory on October 7. After the attack by Hamas, it took a leap.

According to UN estimates, approximately 370 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli-Palestinian riots in the West Bank in the past four months since October 7. Israeli law enforcement agencies and settlers are responsible for these killings.

Incidentally, on Friday, the United States imposed sanctions against four West Bank settlers. US President Joe Biden sent a letter to the US Parliament Congress before signing the ban order. In that letter, Biden said that riots are going on in the West Bank. Hundreds of civilians have already died, large numbers of people have been displaced, extensive damage to public and private private property has already occurred due to the unbridled violence, destructive activities and looting by fundamentalists and extremists. This intolerable situation is a serious threat to the peace, security and stability of the Middle East.

Trudeau held a news conference in Waterloo hours after the US president signed the sanctions order. He indirectly supported Biden there.

He said that the two-state solution is the most urgent step now. We cannot allow any activity to continue there, which would undermine the peace and stability of the West Bank and create obstacles to the two-state solution.

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