A resident of Montreal was killed in Hamas attack

Arshad Khan

A Montreal resident is believed to have been killed in a Hamas attack in Israel

A Montreal resident is believed to have been killed in a Hamas attack in Israel. This is known from his family sources.

Alain Haim Luke wrote in a social media post that his son Alexander Luke was killed in Israel on October 7. He lost his life trying to save the people around him. Like a hero, he protected the people around him who were waiting for safety.

In that Facebook post, he wrote, Alex had great freedom. He was very charismatic and had an incomparable kindness in him. Everything will never be the same without him.

A spokeswoman for the Chabad of Westmount Education Center said she knew Luke’s father. He is a member of Center Community. He also confirmed the authenticity of this post.

Deborah Schanowitz, the center’s director of education, described the father as a hard worker and very proud of his child. He said the center’s rabbi has met with the family and the organization is collecting emergency funds to help them. The fundraiser had raised $22,000 as of Oct. 9 through

Global Affairs Canada said in a statement it was aware of one Canadian killed and two others missing in the violence. However, the deceased could not be confirmed yet.
Parents told the CBC that Luke was among 3,500 young people attending an outdoor concert at the time of the attack.

Luke’s mother, Raquel Ohnona Luke, said she was on a video call with her son when the attack took place. At one point he heard cries, screams, his son’s voice and finally gunshots. They killed my son while I was talking.

240 people were killed when Hamas militants opened fire on an event. The rest were imprisoned. It is being called the worst civilian killing in Israeli history. As of Monday, about 1,600 people have been killed in Hamas attacks and Israel’s counterattacks. Apart from this, thousands of people were injured on both sides. The number of casualties is increasing rapidly.

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