2022 provincial exports to the United States have hit all-time high of $29.3 billion

Taslima Jamal

Jeremy Harrison, Minister of Trade and Export Development, made the announcement on May 10 that provincial exports to the United States in 2022 will reach an all-time high of $29.3 billion.

“Saskatchewan’s commodities keep on moving as we send out the food, fuel and compost that a developing world necessities, this is especially evident with our territory’s biggest exchanging accomplice, the US which have now outperformed $29 billion,” Harrison said. ” This is one more illustration of how Saskatchewan assets are the driver behind a solid North American economy.”

Because of its abundance of mineral resources, efficient regulatory framework, and attractive investment opportunities, Saskatchewan enjoys a solid reputation as a secure and long-term supplier of goods and services.

Saskatchewan’s largest export market is the United States, and exports have increased 74% since 2018 to $29.3 billion in 2022.

The three most frequently exported goods from Saskatchewan to the United States are crude oil ($13.3 billion), potash ($6.5 billion), and canola oil ($2.8 billion).

Head Scott Moe as of late gotten back from Washington, D.C. where he shared Saskatchewan’s story to additional increment exchange regular assets like potash, uranium and basic minerals essential for worldwide energy change.

Saskatchewan continues to break international export records; earlier this year, for the first time in the province’s history, exports to Mexico exceeded $1.0 billion.

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