Off-Duty Foot Pursuit Earns Officer of the Year

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Constable Igor Zdrazhko was honored as Police Officer of the Time for his selfless trouble to run down and arrest an fortified thievery suspect who fired at him during a bottom pursuit.

“ It was dark, I did n’t know where it would go, but I knew I had to do it, ” he said, of chasing after two men who tried a carjacking moments before.

He’d been out- duty after finishing his shift, stopping to get some food before returning home.

It was also he noticed two men walking around the galleria and looking into buses , before walking towards a gas station. He soon heard yelling and saw the two men run down. It’s contended the two men had tried a carjacking at gunpoint before the auto drove off.

Zdrazhko pursued on bottom as the men hopped a hedge, also turned his focus to one man when they resolve up. He issued the police command to stop, which is when the man latterly hovered to shoot Zdrazhko, who was unarmed.

“ When I was running, only one thing was on my mind. This man is fortified, and he must be stopped. ”

The man did shoot, still it undeterred Zdrazhko, who continued his pursuit, ultimately catching and diving the man, before arresting him with the only police gear in his possession, his bind.

Zdrazhko, who came to Canada in 2017 after working as a counsel in Ukraine, stressed how thankful he’s for the Toronto Police Service to have given him his occasion to serve the public.

“ When we take this livery off, we live the same lives as the people in the community, and I ’m happy to be someone who can make people feel safe. I ’m really proud to be a TPS officer and it’s a big honour for me to serve the beautiful megacity of Toronto, and call myself a part of this community. ”

The 56th periodic Police Excellence Awards, held at Hotel X on May 11, featured 10 stories of police officers who put themselves in detriment’s way, showed compassion and fidelity to duty. Zdrazhko was named Police Officer of the Time by the panel of police labor force, intelligencers and community members. Toronto Police Service Civilian member Group Leader Randall Brenham, who rose to the challenge presented by the epidemic, was also fete with the Civilian Excellence Award.

Chief Myron Demkiw honored the loss of Ontario Provincial Police Sergeant Eric Mueller at the morning of his reflections.

“ As a policing family, we’re devastated by yet another senseless act of violence — but we must continue to stand united, ” Chief Demkiw said. “ Words can not describe our grief that’s being felt across this fiefdom. But I know all our hearts are with the family, musketeers, and associates of the departed officer and the two others who were injured. ”

Chief Demkiw said the event that recognizes excellence in policing reminds us of the pitfalls of the work but also the strength of the bonds in policing.

“ While it reminds us of the essential troubles of our work, so too does it remind us of the strength of our policing family, of the value being there for one another not only for occasions like this one, but always. And utmost especially in those moments of adversity, loss and anguish. ”

He thanked the donors of the awards as Chief and lifelong occupant of Toronto.

“ I see you show up each and everyday to insure the safety of our communities; I admire you for your selfless service to others; and I recognize you for furnishing stopgap and help to our residers, when they need it the most, ” the Chief said.

And while these were extraordinary acts being honored, Chief Demkiw was quick to point out members across the Service make poignant differences on a diurnal base across the megacity.

“ Being a police officer and serving our communities isn’t just what you do, it’s who you are. ”

Chief Demkiw was joined by Attorney General Doug Downey, Inspector General of Policing of Ontario Ryan Teschner as well as Toronto Police Services Board members Nadine Spencer and Lisa Kostakis.

Kostakis said policing is a call to duty.

” These are police officers and mercenary members who rise above their formerly demanding day- to- day conditioning. They take professionalism to a new position. They go over and beyond to maintain and enhance the proud character of the Toronto Police Service,” she said.

” The Toronto Police Services Board is extremely proud of each one of them. I can say to the musketeers and families of award donors gathered then, you, too, ought to be extremely proud as you watch them being fete moment.”

Toronto Police Association President Jon Reid called the donors icons .

“ But I can also tell you that none of them will call themselves icons . We may call them that – because they’re – but the truly remarkable particularity that each of them retain is modesty, ” Reid said. “ They will tell you, relatively simply, they were just doing their jobs. They’re the true personification of what it means to be in service to others and they’re true representatives of our police family. ”

Beyond stories of policing excellence Fleet and Accoutrements Management Hanna Stores Group Leader Randall Brenham was this time’s philanthropist of the Civilian Excellence Award.

typically assigned with provisioning Toronto Police Service members with the uniforms and outfit demanded to do their job, he was assigned with the unknown responsibility for sourcing, copping
, enumerating and distributing all the PPE needed by the Service when COVID struck.

For further than two times, he managed diurnal meetings with the Service’s Emergency Management and Public Order platoon, the City of Toronto Emergency Operations Centre and other TPS and City units.

His conduct helped keep members of the public safe, as well as enhance the safety and informativeness of his associates.

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