Province Commits $1.5 Million to Extend Apprenticeship Preparing Seats in Saskatchewan

Abdur Rahman Khan

The Government of Saskatchewan is investing $1.5 million to increase the number of apprenticeship training seats available to 4,450 in order to support the rising demand for skilled tradespeople. In a time of record economic growth, this investment enables training establishments to expand their skills training programs, increase the number of apprentices accepted, and increase sector capacity.

According to Immigration and Career Training Minister Jeremy Harrison, “Saskatchewan is fortunate to have seen significant economic growth in the past year, but our province needs more skilled tradespeople to facilitate and enable that growth.” With countless capital activities in progress and extended in the following a few years, including the turn of events and development of canola smash offices, rural assembling, and potash mining, the interest for gifted exchanges is on the ascent. Our government is determined to provide assistance to these significant infrastructure projects and to guarantee that Saskatchewan’s economy continues to expand to the benefit of all.”

Beginning around 2007-08, commonplace financing for apprenticeship has expanded by more than 71% to roughly $21.4 million.

According to Jeff Ritter, CEO of the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission, “We’ve observed an increased demand for apprenticeship training in the recent months.” These extra preparation seats will assist with guaranteeing Saskatchewan’s talented dealers progress productively through their apprenticeships and accomplish journeyperson certificate as soon a possible. We’re thankful for this venture – it will assist us with supporting areas of strength for a, apprenticeship framework.”

While earning a competitive wage, skilled trades apprenticeships can be a rewarding and interesting career option for many. The majority of learning takes place on the job.

Saskatchewan will continue to provide job seekers and employers with programs, services, and new ideas, helping the province reach its Growth Plan’s objectives of 1.4 million people and 100,000 new jobs by 2030. In order to ensure that Saskatchewan can attract, train, and keep the workforce it needs to support its expanding economy, the province is putting its efforts into collaborating with both job seekers and employers.

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