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World must be prepared for intense Heat: UN

Sathia Kumar

The United Nations has called on the world to be prepared for severe blazes.

The United Nations has called on the world to be prepared for severe blazes. John Nairn, director of the agency’s Meteorological Department, said, “This storm will intensify around the world, so everyone needs to be prepared.”

All over the world there is an intense fire. The temperature reached a record in Europe on Tuesday. Athens’ Acropolis, an attractive tourist area in Greece, has been closed for the third day in a row due to intense heat. 1200 children have been evacuated from a town in Greece to escape the fires caused by the intense heat. Most of the European countries have been affected by the intense heat of the past few days. The temperature is fluctuating from 41 to 50 degrees Celsius in different countries including Spain, France, Italy. As a result, common people are gasping.

“Northern Hemisphere temperatures are the highest since the 1980s and show no sign of abating,” said John Nairn, senior adviser on extreme heat at the World Meteorological Organization. He said Dabdah is one of the deadliest natural disasters. Thousands of people die every year due to extreme heat.

Health officials from North America to Europe and Asia have issued warnings. Everyone has been advised to stay in shelters to avoid the intense heat and to drink plenty of water.

According to the United Nations, increasing urbanization and population growth are causing global temperatures to rise, posing serious health risks. “We are on a journey that is feared to have serious implications for our health and livelihoods,” Nairon said.

Earlier last week, the agency warned that more than 100 million people in the United States could face severe fire conditions. On the other hand, temperatures are rising rapidly in Europe. The Italian island of Sicily and Sardinia recorded temperatures of up to 48 degrees Celsius, according to the European Space Agency. Among Asian countries, the situation has deteriorated the most in China and Japan. Temperatures exceeded 40 degrees Celsius in several cities in China. Orange alert has been issued there. Meteorologists say the world’s average temperature could rise by up to 1.5 degrees Celsius next year.

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